Chiropractic Testimonials

Back, Neck & Foot Pain

"I searched for a chiropractor because I felt really bad pains in my Back, Neck, and Feet. Keep in mind I am 20 years old with no prior bad accident which would cause these types of pains. I came here because it had great reviews. I was scared at first but felt comfortable after the first visit because they are all nice. I had a lot of Back Pain, Neck Pain, and Foot Pain as well. They found a lot of problems when they took my X-rays and also found I had really flat feet, so they put me into therapy right away. They gave me some orthotic soles to wear in my shoes that were specifically for my feet. After the first couple of weeks, I felt so much different. I do not have those bad Back Pains and Neck Pains that I felt for a long time. I can now go out on a walk/jog with no pain after exercising. I feel way much better than I was before and now I don’t have to be worried about these pains affecting me later on!"

- Jose Castaneda

Leg Pain

"I went in over restless legs and when Dr. Carson examined me and ex rayed. Exray showed I had a lot of pinched nerves and my left leg is 18 mm shorter so it messed up my left hip. After the first session, my leg pain went down about 75 percent. After the second session, my leg pain is completely gone. Mrs.Carol ( receptionist)is amazing also.."

- Stacy Taylor Chandler

"Definitely recommend Dr. Carson for anyone looking for chiropractic treatment. He explains things so that I can understand them and the results I have seen after my first few visits have been amazing."

- Robin Smith-Turnbull

Low and Mid Back Pain

"I have a few FRACTURED VERTEBRA, LOTS OF LOWER AND MID BACK PAIN, SHOULDERS BOTHERED ME IT WAS HARD TO SIT STRAIGHT UP FROM LAYING ON MY BACK, STANDING ANY LENGTH OF TIME WAS HARSH, I found Carson Chiropractic and they have helped tremendously with my pain and problems, The staff is great friendly Dr. Carson really knows his stuff I now have less PAIN and can sit up from laying flat on my back it is totally amazing. if you are having back or joint problems I highly recommend them I have been to several places but none like CARSON CHIROPRACTIC & ACUPUNCTURE CLINIC"

- Butch Deyarmon

Severe Neck and Back Pain

"Amazing work is what they do here. I came in with severe neck and back pain ever since I started seeing Dr. Carson my back and neck have not hurt if anything I feel like they got stronger. I was also struggling with high blood sugar in the upper 280's. since I've seen Dr. Carson my blood sugar has stayed below 195 to allow as 92. amazing work great people."

- Marvin Pelz

"I love this place!! Dr. Carson and Carol are amazing! So nice and clean and they really care about what is hurting and how to fix it!!! I have learned so much coming here and I recommend it to anyone and everyone!!!"

- Michele Blackwell Moore

Wrist Pain

"I took 5 treatments and was amazed at how they helped me. When I went in my right wrist was so bad I could not even pick up a cup of coffee. When I finished number 5 I still had just a bit of discomfort but wanted to just see how much I could do and not make it worse. I’ve run the weed eater twice and also mowed my yard 3 times and I’m still fine. I’m going to go back and get at least 3 more treatments just to clear it all up. I would recommend it to anyone who has a problem. My son is now going for treatments."

- Doris Gobert


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